You’re probably reading this because, like me, you are fascinated by making films. 

Born in Cuneo (Italy), I first decided to study Social & Work Psychology.
From an early age I nourished a passion for drawing, painting & photography.
It’s after getting MY BSc in Psychology that I decided to trust my instincts and turn my life around. Firstly studying photography in Reykjavik (Iceland) and joining a film university lately.

Studying film at ESRA (Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle - Nice, France) I discovered and became fascinated in first place by the role of the Director of Photography and more in general by the Lighting Department.
I decided that I had to focus my creative efforts on understanding and mastering light for film. 
Graduated in December 2018, I decided to move to the UK where I spent the following years starting as Lighting Trainee, Spark and Gaffer. The projects I have been brought onboard are ranging from commercials to music videos and from short to feature films and major TV shows. 
I have recently worked as Gaffer on a How to Be a Person' and on a BAFTA nominated short called 'GORKA' I am available for Gaffer/Spark roles depending on the project.

I am a strong all-rounder and colleagues say I am a useful person to have on set because of that. 
I got my C&G BS 7909 and 2365 level 2 Electrical Qualifications and have been accepted as associate member of ICLSociety.
I am good with visual composition and creation, as well as just getting on with what it takes to run a successful lighting team, so if you need a safe and creative pair of hands for your next project do get in touch.
Photo Credit: Natalja Safronova
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